Story up

Freerunning is an evolution. Move like an animal. be fluid like water or find your own balance with a certain philosophy. This is the path of the Freerunner. Be focused within yourself more than the outside world.

The most important Freerunning advice is to follow your own path, your intuition - Make progress step by step. Don’t forget to find the path towards your own balance - Your own rhythm is essential to enjoyment and understanding "Freerunning”.

No violence: No destruction! Be focused on Passion and Creativity

No competition: Do not seek a prize, don’t compete against others! Competition is an illusion, where only the winners are remembered and losers forgotten you can learn from it, but it’s not The Way. In the Freerunning philosophy there is no Loser. The journey is more important than the goal.

No group: Just be one community, we can share with others,some people have more experience but we are all different and you need to find your own path.

No Leader: Follow your way! People can inspire you and you should respect them, but you have to follow your way!

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